Tabernacle 101 - Movie 100 Minutes

Film Festivals So Far

      • Tagore International  Film Festival   India – Winner Best Film 
      • White Nights International Film Festival- St Petersberg Russia
      • Rocky Mountain International  Film Festival USA
      • Rosarita Ineternational Film Festival Mexico 
      • Sc Fi Film Festival Australia
      • Horror Bowl Movie Awards USA- Winner Best Feature Film 
      • Anatolia International Film Festival Turkey
      • Cannes Independent Film Festival 
      • Votkinsk International Film Festival

SYNOPSIS:  The film could be described as “Flatliners meets Ghost” 

Atheist Frank Bonetie sets out to disprove the afterlife. He runs a blog called ““. With the help of his scientist girlfriend they manage to successfully perform an experiment in which he dies via lethal injection. After one hour of death, he is resurrected and can now reveal what happens when you die.

But he was wrong, there is indeed life after death and through his experiment, Frank opens a portal to satanic forces. A deadly virus enters the world and permeates the sprit of humanity.

It is now up to him to fix the problem and restore earth to its original state. He seeks the help of his arch-enemy, Meredith Palin, one of Australia’s most famous witches. Together they fight to destroy the satanic forces. Can they succeed? Can they stop the deadly satanic virus destroying the world?

Film Production Facts and Figures

  • Supernatural Thriller – 98 Minutes
  • Production Company International Film Base
  • Director/Writer Colm O’Murchu
  • Producers Colm O’Murchu & Yolandi Franken
  • Film Shoot – 35 Days
  • Shot on location in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia. 
  • Coldest temperature -2C (28F)         Shoot Night 33 
  • Hottest temperature 42C ( 108F)      Shoot Day 5 
  • Cast – David Hov , Mikaela Franco, Elly Hirani, Leon Kowalski 
  • Winner Best Film Tagore International Film Festival  
  • Selected White Nights Film Festival St Petersberg
  • Released Friday 30th August 2019 United States
  • Theatrical Run USA August – September 2019
  • Amazon Prime Video United States
  • Coming Release Date Australia – 28th August 2020
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